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Five Things to do With Your Dog During Quarantine

Over the past few weeks many of us have found ourselves spending a lot more time at home with our furry friends than we have ever had the time for. The dogs probably think they are just being the best dog in the world which is why owner is home so much, but little do they know some of us are dying for things to do. These are a few things that every dog lover will most likely enjoy doing with their dog as you will get to see them get some real enjoyment out of the quarantine, might as well get some positive things out of it right?

1. Bake some treats – You and your dog can make some treats together. It is something that your dog will love you for and you can reward them for whatever it is that needs rewarding, or just to spoil them. It will take a little time but its a fun activity that you can also do with kids to keep them occupied.

homemade dog treat

2. Teach new skills – However old your dog is dogs can always learn new tricks. Why not use this time to teach your dog some cool new tricks for fun? If you make some of the homemade treats then you will definitely be able to get your dogs attention for learning the tricks, and then once they are in the dogs minds they will remember it forever. It will surprise you the things that you can teach your dog to do, the possibilities are endless.

teaching dog trick

3. Have a dog photo shoot – While your dog may not enjoy this one as much, surely if there is treats involved they will be willing to participate. Why not have a photo shoot of your dog? You will never regret it when you look at those photos in the future, and if you have any dog costumes or dog accessories its a perfect time to break them out! Go ahead and let your dog get loose while you guys have fun doing a photo shoot.

dog wearing costume

4. Take your dog on a hike – There is no reason to stay inside all day as long as you take precautions during the current situation. Make sure you stay at least 6 feet away from people and a mask is also recommended in crowded areas. But take your dog on a hike with you and get some fresh air, its something that both you and your dog will be happy you did. Make the best of all the free time that we have right now and enjoy mother nature.

dog hike

5. Dog movie night – Sometimes a movie night with your dog is the perfect night. Some dogs crave snuggles 24/7 so they will be more than happy to snuggle up for a movie. Why not put on a dog themed movie also? There is tons of great dog movies to watch like Marley and Me, Beethoven, 101 Dalmatians, The Stray, All Dogs go to Heaven, Air Bud, Buddy, and many more. You and your dog could even have a movie binge night together.

dog snuggles

The possibilities for fun between you and your snuggle buddy are endless. All of the things on this list are things that your dog will enjoy and love you for. Quarantine is a very unfortunate thing but luckily some of us have our best friends along side us to keep each other company. A bond with your dog is stronger than anything and this is a perfect time to just keep building it even further.

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