should you let your dog eat grass
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Should You Let Your Dogs Eat Grass?

should you let your dog eat grass

A lot of dog owners will notice that sometimes when you take your pup out for a walk, they might help themselves to some grass along the way. Even if your dog has a perfectly balanced diet there is a chance that they still might try to eat grass. There are a few different theories as to why they eat grass and among them are some common misconceptions. There is no problem with your dog eating grass and you should not worry about it at all. If they want to grab a little snack on the walk then why not if it’s not going to cause any harm.

One of the most common misconceptions about dogs eating grass is that they will do it to try to make themselves throw up. Studies have shown that the majority of grasses will not make your dog throw up. Many veterinarians however have suggested that a little grass may help dogs when that have an upset stomach. The grass may act as a natural antacid for the dogs stomach similar to how humans will take a Tum or other antacid remedies. Even with the lack of scientific evidence, you could definitely argue, that dogs eat grass in order to settle their stomach. Another common misconception that often arises is that people suggest dogs may do it because they are lacking in nutrients. However, this is very unlikely as even a very well nurtured dog may eat grass sometimes.

Along with it having some antacid properties for dogs it is also likely that they eat grass simply because they like the way that it tastes. Some dogs may just nibble the ends while some dogs will try to chow the entire thing down, but both of of them just want a tasty snack. Dogs enjoy tons of stuff that humans might not enjoy, like how your dog will eat soggy paper towels, or finish off any left overs that you were kind enough to leave in the trash for them. Some theories also state that undomesticated dogs were naturally omnivores, so domesticated dogs do have the natural instinct to include some plants in their diet. Dogs are opportunistic scavengers so they will eat pretty much anything that they get the opportunity to, so if there is opportunity for a quick grass snack along their walk, they might take it.

dogs eating grass

Is It Dangerous for Dogs to Eat Grass?

Eating grass is not dangerous for dogs unless it is done in excessive fashions. If you have a young puppy and notice that they are eating enormous amounts of grass you make want to cut it off to make sure there is no blockages later. Also, if you have a dog that does not eat a lot of grass but suddenly starts eating it all the time, this could be a sign that they are facing some kind of sickness. It is also extremely important to note that if you treat your grass with any types of pesticides or herbicides to not allow your dog to ingest any. These chemicals are extremely dangerous for your dog, and even consumed in small amounts off grass petals can have grave effects.

Overall, eating grass will not hurt or harm your dog in any way. Unless you have reasons that you do not want them eating the lawn for, such as if you take care of it all the time and want it to look perfect, then go ahead and let your dog eat the grass. Even in that case, it is likely that a few missing grass petals will not make a huge difference to your lawn. It may be that they have a bit of an upset stomach that they want to take care of or maybe they just want a quick tasty snack while they are outside.

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