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Natural Organic Home Remedies for Dogs

There are tons of natural organic home remedies which you can use to treat some of your dog’s problems or to just ensure a healthy life. These home remedies are composed of many common household items. In this article we will go over four different remedies that all will help your dog feel a little more comfortable in their skin. Home remedies are also often much a much cheaper alternative than going to the vet and getting an expensive prescription for issues that can be solved naturally. Here are a few natural organic home remedies:

1. Chamomile – Chamomile is useful if your dog has sensitive skin and is experiencing any kind of itchiness. Mainly it is used for the paws, if you see your dog itching their paws at lot, they make thank you for making a chamomile tea for them. Then, you take the tea and put it into a spray bottle, and you can spray it on to their paws. Make sure the tea is cooled down a little before doing it, so you do not accidentally burn your dog!

dog tea home remedy

2. Epsom Salt Bath – Epsom salts are something that your dog may thank you for a lot when they get a little older. When they start to develop arthritis or muscle strains you can draw them a nice warm bath and add Epsom salts to it. Just like for humans this will relief a lot of pressure of their jobs or muscles and allow them to relax. While not all dogs are big fans of the bathtub as soon as they realize how good it feels on their joints or muscles it will probably be difficult to get them out of the tub! Epsom salts are very cheap and can be found at almost any grocery store/pharmacy, and you cannot really overdo it with too many baths.

epsom salt bath for dogs

3. Pumpkin Pumpkin is something that has tons of different great health benefits for dogs. First, you can use the pumpkin itself, which is a great source of different vitamins and fiber, cook it and feed it directly to your dogs. This will keep them absorb water which will help with diarrhea, and the fiber from the pumpkin will also help if they have issues with constipation. This also helps with weight loss for your dog so if they are getting a little hefty then it might be a good idea to incorporate some pumpkin in their diet. Lastly, the pumpkin seeds can also be roasted or sauteed then fed to your dog if they ever get a UTI, which is another way to avoid an expensive veterinarian bill.

pumpkin dog home remedy

4. Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a super common household item that also has some health benefits for dogs. It is also a great source of fiber just like pumpkin which is helpful for senior dogs which may have a little harder time going to the bathroom. You can also draw an oatmeal bath to treat and excessive itching or hot spots that your dogs may experience. You blend the oatmeal in a blender with water to make it as liquid as possible, then add it to a warm bath.

oatmeal dog home remedy

All four of these natural organic home remedies for dogs are extremely common household items that most people have laying around. If you do not have it laying around everything on this list can be found very cheap and who does not like to save money from vet bills? Treating your dog like royalty with home treatments like this is something that they will never forget and will be a bonding experience between the two of you. Your dog may be a little shy with some of these home remedies however as soon as they see how much relief and relaxation it will bring them, they will be begging you to do it all the time.

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