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Can My Dog get Coronavirus?

dogs coronavirus

This is a super popular question right now and one that there are a few different opinions on. Let us start with what we know, which is that dogs can contract the canine respiratory coronavirus. But it is important to note that this is a different version than the one that is currently going around in humans. The current coronavirus which is spreading around is not thought to be a health threat at all to dogs currently. There is currently no evidence that pets play any role in spreading the coronavirus in the United States. There were a couple cases in Hong Kong where dogs did test positive for COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, however this was a case of human-to-animal transmission. The owners had the virus and gave it to their dogs, but luckily neither of the dogs showed any signs of sickness from the virus. Hong Kong has tested a house pets for the virus and a very small percentage have contracted it. Hong Kong officials believe that this indicates that house pets are not easily infected with the virus, and do not play a role in spreading the virus.

There are other cases of house pets testing positive for the virus as well in other countries. In Belgium, two cats tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Again, this was a case where the owners had the virus and gave it to the pets. As well as in the United States, there has been confirmation of two COVID-19 cases in pet cats. According to the Center for Disease Control, both cats did develop mild respiratory symptoms. And unlike the other cases, neither of the owners tested positive for the novel coronavirus, so here it is possible that the cats got it through an interaction outside of their home. Possibly they encountered another person who was carrying the virus, or another animal. So, this leaves the question, is it possible that my pet could leave the house and bring the virus home?

While it is a little scary that your pet could come back from being outside and have caught the virus. The World Health Organization advocates that there is no evidence that house pets can transmit the disease to humans, nor that they play a role in spreading the virus. They do however recommend that those who are sick with the virus, or those are at risk limit their interactions with their house pets. Basic hygiene measures need to be held, such as washing hands after touching them, their food, or their supplies. The virus did start from an animal source, however now it is spreading from human-to-human. There is no reason to think that house pets should be any threat for infection of the coronavirus.

So, if we go ahead and compile all this information together, we can conclude that, you should not worry about contracting COVID-19 from your house pet. However, there is no reason to not be careful and make sure you are implementing strong hygiene measures which include interactions with your pets. Doing this will not only ensure the safety of yourself, but it will also ensure the safety of your pets. Further research does need to be conducted to determine whether dogs contracting the virus can affect their health. But, with the research that has been done we could see the likelihood of you infecting your dog if you had coronavirus, is very low.

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