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Are Portable Dog Water Bowls Worth it?

dog bowl for hiking

Everyone loves to do all sorts of different outdoor activities with their furry friends. Have you ever been out on a hike and had a water bottle but no way to give any to your dog? Many of us have found ourselves in a similar situation but luckily with today’s technology we are able to solve this issue. There are tons of different solutions to this problem on the market, while most of them are simple fold-able dog bowls there are some more advanced solutions. Traditionally the original solution to this problem that first emerged into the pet markets were plastic bowls that could be folded to store into your pocket, backpack, or something more accessible than carrying a dog bowl on your side. The current best solution to this problem on the market is a newer more advanced design. Now you can purchase a portable dog bowl that is practically the exact same size as a water bottle, however it also has a water bottle attachment. With the flick of a switch you can fill you pets bowl with some nice ice-cold water and quench their thirst.

What is the best Portable Dog Bowl?

There is an even newer and more advanced design that is now available to the public consumer. Dog Life Company is proud to launch our Portable Dog Bowl which is one of a kind on the market. The unique double chambered design allows you to store not only just water for you dog, but you can fill the other compartment with food or treats for your furry friend on your long walks. This is something that your dog will love you for, the ease of nice ice-cold water added directly into their bowl with the flick of a switch. If they are being a really good dog, then you also get to spoil them with a quick snack or a few treats. Our portable dog water bowl is also lead free, BPA free, and made of non-toxic food-grade plastic, we want the best for your dogs. Who does not love spoiling their dog with treats every chance they get? On a long walk it is important that you keep your dog hydrated, it is worth nothing that their body is much smaller than yours so they will get dehydrated faster.

Do I Need to Bring Water for My Dog on Walks?

If you are going a walk long enough that you want a water bottle for yourself, then you should also bring one for your dog. While you definitely do not need to bring any water for your dogs for brisk short walks, you should at least think about it when it is a hot day or you are going for a longer walk. A dog’s body is much smaller than a human’s body, so the heat will heat them up much quicker and they will need to drink water much faster than a human would. Same goes for long walks, if you would become thirsty on a walk it is almost certain that your dog is also thirsty. This problem is easily solved by bringing a portable dog bowl with you when you go for longer walks. If you do end up choosing the one from our store, then you also are able to store water as well as food or treats for your pup.

How Much Water do I Need to Bring for my Dog on a Hike?

This number will vary depending on how long of a hike you are going on and also what the weather is like. If it is super dry and hot, then you will need to bring more water compared to if it was humid and warm. For anywhere around the 2-4 hour mark for a hike a cup of water, or about 240 mL will be plenty for you dog. The portable dog bowl which we feature on our website carries just a little over a cup of water, which makes it a perfect option for those length hikes. When you take your dog for a hike that is much longer than that you may want to bring a little bit of extra water for your dog. Our portable water bottle is also very easily refillable, so you can just top it off as you go from your own personal water bottle if you happen to run out. But make sure that you keep your dog hydrated! Remember, chances are that if you are going out for a walk or hike long enough that you would want water, then bring some for your dog also.

Can I let my Dog Drink From the Creek, River, Lake, Pond, Stream, or Puddles?

When you are out for a walk or hike with your dog you should try to never let them drink from natural bodies of water such as rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, or streams. There are tons of dangerous bacteria and quite harmful chemicals that can end up in the water that you definitely want your dog to avoid ingesting. You should always bring a safe water source for your dog just like you would bring a water bottle for yourself. If you would not drink out of that body of water, why should you let your dog do it? Puddles can be especially dangerous for pets to drink from because they are stagnant, this allows dangerous bacteria to grow at higher rates and be present in much higher, more dangerous densities. The best way to avoid all this risk is just make sure that you bring clean water for you dog, so you do not need to worry about any of it.

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