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Weird Things That Dogs Do

weird puppy

There are some strange things that dogs often do that leave us wondering what in the world is going on inside their head? Dogs can be hilarious or even annoying when they do some of these strange things, but it is the small things that ultimately make us love them even more. No one wants to have a boring dog, a dog with tons of character is more exciting and much more enticing. We will always question why they might have these odd impulses and habits but, in the end, it is not like we are going to judge the dog on what they are doing. The best aspect about the whole situation, is that your dog will just look at you like nothing is wrong after they commit some of these strange actions.

Eating the Trash – Chances are that your dog has gotten in the trash before and found a nice soggy old napkin to chew on for a little bit. This one is obvious as to why they do it, it smells and probably tastes pretty good to them. Clearly, they do not realize that they are acting like raccoons and can also get very sick eating stuff like old meats out of the trash. But either way, that five seconds of licking a dirty soggy paper towel is well worth it to them and they will not miss their chance.

Licking Lotion – What exactly is going on in a dog’s head when they try to lick all the lotion off your body? If you try and put lotion on when you are fresh out of the shower there’s a good chance your furry friend might take a few licks, well, more like keep licking as fast as they can until you stop them. Maybe your dog things that you are trying to give them some kind of treat by putting the tasty concoction all over yourself. Lotion does not taste very good if you have ever tried it, but some reason dogs absolutely love the taste of it.

weird dogs

Eating Dog Poop – Yes that is correct, some dogs will eat other dog’s poop. Are they so jealous about what the other dog had to eat the night before that they want to try and get a taste? It is a pretty foul act, and no one wants to admit their dog has done it, but it is pretty common when they are puppies to give it a try. This is definitely not something you should allow your dog to do if you see it as they can get very sick from this. But they may sneak a lick or two when you are not looking, and hopefully they learn that they do not like the taste.

Zoomies – There is something in the blood of dogs that makes them randomly get insane spurts of energy that they need to get out. Dogs get the zoomies when they have a lot of pent-up energy that they need to get rid of fast. If you have ever seen your dog extremely excited, then you have seen the way they just cannot contain themselves and they just need to move their body. Some dogs will do this by running in circles, while some dogs may use the whole room to run around. But they definitely lose their mind for a minute and will run around like a chicken without a head.

Humping Objects – Not all dogs will do this, but some dogs cannot control themselves and might even start humping some household objects. There videos of dogs that start humping teddy bears, chairs, and all sorts of objects on the internet. If your dog really loves you, they might even build up the courage to start humping you to display their affection. Either way its natural hormones in their body and nothing to worry about. You may also decide to teach your dog not to do this, which is also perfectly acceptable.

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Farting – All dogs fart, and some dogs fart pretty loud. The best part about the farting is all though it may smell bad sometimes, they will always give you the most innocent look after they do it acting like absolutely nothing is wrong. Dogs have no idea that it is not polite to just let a fart loose in front of people like that, but dogs just do what they want. You definitely cannot scold your dog if they fart around you, because they have no clue what they are doing is wrong. There are some foods that you can avoid feeding them in order to reduce the flatulence.

Rubbing Their Head in Couch Cushions – It may be something about the way it feels but sometimes dogs get a little crazy and just started rubbing their head/snout in between the couch cushions. Maybe they are trying to itch a hard spot, or they want to dry off their nose, but it is a pretty funny thing to watch firsthand. Some people may not like it, as it is probably not the best for the couch cushions, but it is a great sight. Some dogs will even get really into it and make some weird noises while they do it.

It is very possible to make your dog do weird things also. You can try all sorts of things out with treats and food. Try doing things like putting peanut butter on their nose or a weird place and see how they react. Try hiding a treat under their dog bed and see if they will be able to dig it out or if they will just go crazy while trying. You just need to experiment with your dog and see how they react to different situations and you will be able to find some that are definitely video-worthy.

This is just a few of the many strange things that you may catch your dog doing. Some of the things they can be trained not to do, but some of them are also natural so you need to make sure to not punish them for it. There are definitely some breeds which are a little more loopy than others so if this is something that you really want out of a dog then maybe you should try to narrow it down to a loopier dog. If your dog does anything strange that is not included in these that you think is worth sharing please share it with us!

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