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pick up dog poop

Have you ever wondered exactly how much your dog poops? Did you know that on average, a typical dog will excrete 274 pounds of waste per year? It is extremely important to pick up your dog’s poop, both for your own health and the environment’s health. Most people have not ever stopped to consider that their dog’s poop is in fact raw sewage. It is full of tons of bacteria, sometimes even harmful parasites, that could be tracked back into your home. It may seem like it is a very small problem, but pet waste is actually a large contributor to pollution and water quality problems. Not only is cleaning up after you pet require by the law in some jurisdictions, it is also a citizen’s civic duty to pick up their waste. When you also consider the fact that there is 63.4 million households in the united states with a dog, then that is a lot of poop.

How much bacteria does dog poop have?

Dog poop contains about 23 million fecal coliform bacteria per gram of poop, on average a dog will poop 0.75 pounds per day or 340 grams, this means that dog poop has 7.8 billion fecal coliform bacteria per day. Fecal coliform bacteria is common in the intestines of humans and animals. It is found it much higher concentrations in dog poop, compared to animals, and when dog poop gets into local bodies of water it can cause diseases, as well as causing water quality issues. The water quality issues are caused by nutrients contained in the waste that allow algae and weeds to thrive in a body of water. Dog poop also has pathogens which can sometimes grow to dangerous numbers in bodies of water and make it un-swimmable for humans, and un-fish-able because the fish will get the pathogens also. So in order to keep the local bodies of water healthy, it is important that you pick up your dog’s poop.

dog poop in water

Is it gross to pick up dog poop?

Picking up your dog’s poop is definitely not the most pleasant situation however it is the social normal and is much more accepted than leaving the poop in your neighbor’s lawn. If you dog poops while you are out on a walk there is no excuse to not pick it up, if you don’t have a bag with you then go grab a bag and come back, but bring dog poop bags on your walks! It is not OK to let your dog poop in someone’s yard without picking it up in absolutely any situation. It is definitely a little gross when you pick it up and feel it in your hands, warm and mushy, so if that aspect really turns you off then you could also get a pooper-scooper or make some kind of gadget so your hands don’t need to touch it.

What do you pick up dog poop with?

The most common item that people pick up dog poop with is a plastic bag. You can wrap it around your hand, pick up the poop, then put the bag inside out to bag the poop up without actually touching it yourself. After that, you can just tie the bag off and dispose of it into a trash can. You can either buy dog poop bags for this, or just use an old grocery store bag. Some people may also decide to buy a pooper-scooper for their back yard if they let their dog’s out a lot. This just has a simple handle that causes it to close and pick up poop without touching it also. Then you also bring it to a trash can to make sure it is all cleaned up and out of the way! Part of owning a dog is picking up after them, so make sure that you have dog poop bags on hand or some other way of picking up your pet’s waste.

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