• pick up dog poop
    Dog Facts

    Are You in The Poop Loop?

    Have you ever wondered exactly how much your dog poops? Did you know that on average, a typical dog will excrete 274 pounds of waste per year? It is extremely important to pick up your dog’s poop, both for your own health and the environment’s health. Most people have…

  • weird puppy
    Dog Facts

    Weird Things That Dogs Do

    There are some strange things that dogs often do that leave us wondering what in the world is going on inside their head? Dogs can be hilarious or even annoying when they do some of these strange things, but it is the small things that ultimately make us love…

  • labrador retriever top breedslabrador retriever top breeds
    Dog Facts

    Top Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2019

    Have you ever wondered how many other people decided to make the same choice as you when they got their new dogs? These are the 10 most popular dog breeds of 2019 according to this list from American Kennel Club. It may not be surprising to a lot of…